38 Minute Supplies Video

by Amy Pinkos


Hello all!  How ya doin?  I just got done making a very long video about supplies that Newbies/Beginners should consider.  No really, it's looong, like 38 minutes long, to be exact.  Most of it is a marathon of rambling, so if you like, you can fast forward to minute 14 to get to the goods;) But here's the deal.  When you signed up for the quilt along, I asked what level quilter you consider yourself.  And 50% of you said newbie/beginner!!!  So we are going to make this QAL tutorial and video heavy.  You don't have to watch if you don't want or need to.  But we really want to help out those newbies.  And I think that starts with giving yourself good tools to work with!

So the first thing we are going to talk about is supplies.  Because good supplies help you get good results.  There's no two ways about it. Now, please don't think I'm trying to sell you a bunch of stuff.  The fact is, I'm not really a purveyor of notions.  I'm just not.  Mostly because, I myself, am pretty basic.  When it comes to notions, that is. Not to be confused with "ya basic", which I'm not;)

But in the video, I talk about my first experience with a bad product, namely, a bad sewing machine.  And it drove me away from sewing/quilting for many years.  I thought it was a "me" problem.  That I was just not meant to sew.  When really it was a "I'm working with total junk" kind of problem.  

Anyway, most all of these items are listed in the shop. But if you have trouble finding anything, please comment below, and I'll help you out.  Also, this may be a good time to mention, just in case you don't already know, we have a Loyalty Points program.  For every $500 you spend you get a $25 gift card.  That's 5% back to you!  

Now, please excuse my appearance in this video.  I wasn't planning on doing a video today.  But the kiddos were at home with daddy and the shop was closed.  And I figured I should strike while the iron was quiet, if you get my drift.  The iron is rarely quiet.  Also, irons are included in the video;)



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