TCC 2021 Quilt Show Vendor Information

TCC 2021 Outdoor Quilt Show

Vendor Information

September 25, 2021

Quilt Show 9am-4pm

(Vendors Only - Setup begins by 8am)

Hey all! Are you excited for the Quilt Show? I am… and I’m a little nervous. Who wouldn’t be? I really have no idea what to expect this year, since it’s our first year doing this. So hopefully people will give us a little grace!

Anywho, we are looking for vendors!

As I mentioned, we don’t really know what to expect this year. We may get one person, we may get one billion, who knows! I do expect that we will get visitors from the neighborhood, however!

As such, this year we are offering vendors a space at no cost because we appreciate you taking a chance on this little show!

In return, this is what we ask:

  • Please email me what size booth you would like to have and what size booth you actually require!

  • You must provide your own tent/table/chairs/payment system, etc. If you don’t use a tent, that’s okay too. But these items won’t be provided.

  • Electricity will also not be provided, unless you 100% can’t have a booth without it. If you do, we may be able to figure something out.

  • You cannot sell fabric, sewing or quilt kits… basically you can’t be in competition with the shop, please.

  • You can sell Maker’s Items or Services, such as, handmade goods, longarming services, jewelry, signs, etc…

  • You can arrive whenever you like, but you must start setting up by 8am! The show starts at 9am.

  • After you unload your items, we will ask you to move your car to the side streets to keep spaces open for visitors.

  • The items you sell must be child appropriate, as this neighborhood has numerous small children.

  • We ask that you stay until the end of the show!

  • This is not an exhaustive list, but a good start for now:) Again, please please please understand that this is our first show:)

If you are interested, please complete the form below by September 1st.

We will accommodate as many vendors as our outdoor space can allow!