40% off sale will reopen soon. But we are closed for orders until we get caught up!

We need to get caught up on orders! We will reopen the online shop and the brick and mortar as soon as we possibly can. But for now we will remain closed. PICKUP ORDER INFORMATION: Your order may be picked up starting Wednesday, January 26th between 11 am and 3 pm. If you receive a notice that says your order has been picked up, please disregard. We are marking everything as picked up to remove them from the queue. THE STORE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR SHOPPING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. WE WILL ANNOUNCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND OUR WEBSITE WHEN WE REOPEN THE STORE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO WAIT TO PICK UP YOUR ORDER UNTIL THEN, PLEASE FEEL FREE. Our current hours for pickup are Tuesday-Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm, closed on Sunday and Monday. Our address is 11200 NW Thompson Rd, Portland, 97229. Please ring the bell when you enter and someone will come help you retrieve your order. Please do not go through the orders yourself;) If you ring the bell and no one comes, please go next door to the coffee shop and they will help you. Thank you so much! If you have a gift card, you can use it when we reopen … basically a $100 gift card is now worth $160! But it’s going to take a minute to reopen, so please be patient. Or if you would like a refund for your gift card please email me. If you placed an order and have a question, please don’t DM us. It’s too hard to manage the messages. Please email us at TheCottonCure@gmail.com The orders are shipping randomly and in no particular order, so we can go faster. If someone you know placed an order after you, and got a shipping notification, but you didn’t, don’t fret. It’s likely cut and just waiting to be shipped. We can have numerous people cutting, but only one shipping.