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Jenna Lechner

Block Printing Patterns Workshop Oct 17th (10a-4pm)


Read our social distancing plan below.
Block Printing Patterns w/ Jenna Lechner

Workshop Description:
Learn how to create repeating patterns and how to print those patterns onto paper and fabric. The goal of this workshop is to learn the basics of block printing by carving rubber blocks. We will also learn about different repeating pattern structures and how to construct them effectively and seamlessly. This knowledge can be applied to create things like patterned fabric for clothing, stationery, wallpaper, gift-wrap and much more. At the end of the workshop you will have a hand-printed set of tea towels and many samples, including several carved blocks to print more at home.

About the instructor:
Jenna Lechner is an illustrator, writer and teacher based in Portland, Oregon. Born in Montana, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking from the University of Oregon. She has been teaching art in the Portland area for the last eight years. Her practice focuses on observing the natural world, creating a one-on-one relationship with students and developing a deep understanding of the intersection between fine art and craft. Some of her illustration and writing clients include Facebook, Adobe, Pentel Arts, HTC Mobile, Ruby Jewel, and more.
 @jennamlechner (IG)
Materials List:
‚ÄĘ All supplies provided by the instructor

‚ÄĘ Students are encouraged to bring a piece of art they have created in the past, to get to know one another and our talents.

There will be a break for lunch.  Please feel free to bring a sack lunch or eat from one of the many Downtown Hillsboro restaurants.

We are fortunate enough to have a large classroom where we can separate students into their own 10' sections.  You will be provided your own table.  However, in the event the class size grows, we will move the class upstairs.  There is an elevator and bathrooms upstairs.  We will be complying with the state mandated orders at the time of the class.  If the order at the time says we must wear mask then we will be complying with that.  IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS, AND THE STATE SAYS MASKS ARE REQUIRED, AND YOU REFUSE TO WEAR A MASK, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE, AND YOU WILL FORFEIT THE CLASS FEE. In the event that Covid requires the class be canceled, we will reimburse everyone the full class amount.