Dropcloth Drawing Stitches Sampler

Dropcloth Drawing Stitches Sampler

Dropcloth Drawing Stitches Sampler

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  • Dropcloth Embroidery Samplers come pre-printed on fabric. No transferring patterns, they are ready to go!
  • Pattern includes pre-printed fabric and directions
  • 13 inches wide x 10 inches tall

Dropcloth Samplers is a line of hand-drawn embroidery samplers, printed and ready for you to jump in and start stitching right away.  Each pattern is hand drawn by Rebecca Ringquist in her Portland, Oregon studio, and printed for you to embroider with your own color and thread choices.  We like to describe them as coloring book pages for embroidery- there's no preparation necessary- they arrive ready to stitch.   The first two samplers, Original and Sequel, were designed with the stitch names printed right on the cloth.  You stitch as you learn, creating a lasting reference for all future embroidery projects. 

Drawing Stiches Sampler:

Introducing the Drawing Stitches Sampler. Inspired by the marks I found myself making in my own sketchbooks, this sampler is packed with no less than 31 different stitches for you to discover, practice, and master. You'll be left with a work of art to hang on your wall and a reference point for future embroidery projects.

But wait, there's more! There's a Creativebug Daily Challenge based on this sampler. Each day I'll be there guiding you through a different stitch. Let's hang out and do this! The stitches range from easy to moderate, with nary a french knot in the bunch. I promise, you can do it! Linked here:


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