Minimalist Hardware & Leather

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This kit includes the hardware and leather to make (1) Large Minimalist Wallet and (1) Mini Minimalist Wallet.



(1) 2"x8" strip (Large)

(1) 2"x5" strip (Mini)

(1) Scrap piece (for practice installation)

(2) Skinny Strips for zipper tab pull

Hardware (gold or bronze):

(2) Size 24 Ligne Double Cap Spring Snaps - Large

(1) Size 20 Ligne Double Cap Spring Snap - Mini

(1) Size 20 Ligne Double Cap Spring Snap (for practice installation)


Does not include zippers.  You will need a 7" zipper for the large and a 4" for the mini.  Zippers can be purchased here.  Pattern can be purchased here.