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The Cotton Cure

Range Backpack Kit - Made w/ Pendleton



There’s nothing better to make the Range Backpack with than Pendleton. It just pairs beautifully❤️  The kit includes everything you need to make the backpack except the pattern. It is available on four Pendleton colorways!  But the best part is all the Pendleton, Texwax waxed canvas, and linen/cotton lining pieces are precut!  All you need to do is apply your included interfacing and assemble!  


  • Precut Pendleton for all pieces as shown in the pictures. 
  • Precut Texwax waxed canvas (10.10oz)
  • Hardware 
  • Metal Zipper
  • Interfacing
  • Leather strap for loop
  • Does NOT include pattern.  But that can be purchased  here for 20% off if purchased with kit!