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The Cotton Cure

Sandhill Sling Hardware Kit - Barn Red


This kit includes the following items to be used for Noodlehead’s Sandhill Sling

18" Zipper - PLEASE NOTE: The pattern calls for an 18" head to head zipper.  Meaning the zipper has two zipper heads per zipper tape.  This is not included in this kit.  The zipper you will receive is a ONE HEAD metal zipper.

  • 1.5 yd in length x 1.5" wide Webbing in Natural
  • 18" zipper
  • 10" zipper
  • 18" in length x 1/8" wide leather lace
  • 1.5” swivel hook
  • 1" D ring
  • 1 1/2" rectangular slider
  • 9" in length of 1/4 inch wide elastic

Sandhill Sling Pattern

Sandhill Sling Waxed Canvas